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Why Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering Department at SISTec-Ratibad offers graduation and post graduation in Electrical Engineering. The branch of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING is one of the core sectors being the foundations of our Economy and Industrial sector. Applications of Electrical Engineering constitute all the various involving Automation and Instrumentation ranging from all diversified sectors.
We provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering. Our aim is to enable students to work independently on engineering and design projects with the ability to rethink existing concepts and develop new ones. We inculcate the required competence and skills in our students and prepare them to be industry-ready.

About Department

Department offers Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. The curriculum of the Electrical Engineering Program comprises a compulsory part, electives, and finally a graduation project in which the student demonstrates his/her engineering ability to a high standard. All courses belonging to the program are taught in the English language.
The Department of Electrical Engineering conducts several workshops, seminars and industrial visits to provide practical education and give exposure relevant to present trends. We offer the students an opportunity for study and research, both theoretical and experimental. The lab facilities and the infrastructure are up to date and regularly upgraded from time to time.
The Department of Electrical Engineering strives to be a leader in education, training and competence development, producing high quality engineers. In this endeavor, the Department continually puts forth its efforts to develop knowledge and quality, upgrade and create new laboratory facilities, acquire adequate new equipment to keep abreast, contribute and progress in the emerging technologies and committed for rendering the best service to the society.

Vision & Mission
Vision of the Department

To excel in Electrical Engineering education with focus on research to make professionals with creative minds, innovative ideas and practical skills for the betterment of mankind.

Mission of the Department

To develop and disseminate among the individuals, the theoretical foundation, practical aspects in the field of Electrical Engineering and inculcate a high degree of professional and social ethics for creating successful engineers.


EE has a huge impact on the technologies that define modern-day life and society. We see educating the next generation of engineers as a key role. Various Opportunities are available in sectors as:

  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing.
  • Navigational, measuring, electro-medical, and control instruments manufacturing.
  • Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences.
  • Various Power sector based companies.
  • Options in Renewable Energy Sector Expansion.
  • Large industrial sector plants involving Automation and Control.
Tech Talk
Research Publications
  • Khapre A, Kumar Singhal A. “Asymmetrical Source Based Cascaded CCS-MMI” IOERD 2018;vol:2,Issue:5.
  • Khapre A, Kumar Singhal A. “Symmetrical Sources Based Cascaded Cross connected Sources Based MLI”IOERD 2018;vol:2,Issue:4.
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  • Ansari Amir, Kumar Singhal A. “Power Quality Improvement Using Closed Loop Dc-Dc Converter” , IRE Journal,Vol:1, Issue: 10, April 2018.
  • Yadav A , Kumar Singhal A. “Harmonic Reduction In Nonlinear Load Using Statcom” , IRE Journal,Vol:1, Issue: 10, April 2018
  • Yadav A, Kumar Singhal A. “Harmonic Reduction In Nonlinear Load Using Statcom” , IRE Journal,Vol:1, Issue: 10, April 2018.
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  • Kushwah K, “Head Posture Analysis Using EMG Signal” in International conference on Advanced Computation and Telecommunication (ICACAT) IEEE-2018.

On 25th May 2018, Department of EE SISTec-E Ratibad Campus has successfully signed an MoU with P.D.T.C Power Distribution Training Centre , Registered under MP society Act,1973.

Workshops / Conference / STTP
Meet the HOD

Prof. Ashish Singhal has joined Sagar Group in December 2017. He is pursuing Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University”, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He has received scholarship from world Bank (USA) under TEQIP II .He has achieved three times “Best faculty award” Google scholar citation 11 , h-index 2 ; Research gate score 9.94 with citation 14.He has been a prominent guest lecturer in various universities viz Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. LNCT Group of College, Gwalior. Vikrant Institute Technology and management, Gwalior Batestha institute Technology and science, Gwalior. He is a regular Member of prestigious LMIAENG (176131), SMSOE (00027718), IRP (2016-1209) . He has been very active Reviewer of most esteemed journal. He has 11 years of experience of handling academics in various universities in India. He has 15 Research Papers to his credit published and presented in 4 national and international conferences.

Jan-June4thAakash Kumar Yadav92016-2020
Vivek Kumar8.88
6thJay Prakash Singh82015-2019
Prabhat Viswakarma7.69
Jitendra Yadav7.44
8thNikita Bhoyar8.52014-2018
Pankaj Patidar8.5
Nikita Laghve8.31
Rachana Pathak8.13
1Lalita PrasadRainSensed Automatic wiper Speed ControlMr.Ashish singhal, Mr.Vishwajeet verma,
Pravin Kumar Singh
Rachana Pathak
Nikita Bhoyar
2Mukesh MarkamFabrication And Analysis Of Solar Powered Air CoolerMr.Prasant kumar,Mr.Subinoy Roy
Sujeet Chouhan
Vishnu Dhakad
Ravindra Unya
Chandrashekhar Dhakad
Akhilesh Prakash
3Prakash PunjSolar Digital WatchMr.Ashish singhal, Mr.Vishwajeet verma,
Mohit Kumar
Pooja Markam
shivnandan Kumar
Pushpraj Singh
4Rahul GuptaBluetooth Based Home AutomationMr.Ashish singhal, Mr.Vishwajeet verma,
Nikita Laghve
Paya lBobade
Hemant Bhardwaj
5Abhilasha Singh PatelSolar RefrigeratorsMr.Ashish singhal, Mr.Vishwajeet verma,
Deepa Kumari Hedaoo
Khushboo Dhakde
Ravi Kumar Vishwakarma
Vijay Kumar Pawar
6Nitendra PayasiSolar Based Wireless Charger For Mobile ApplicationMr.Prasant kumar,Mr.Subinoy Roy
Rajkumar Parihar
Vijay Narayan Singh
7Naman ShrivastavaHome Automation Using IOTMr.Ashish Singhal,Mr.Pankaj Sharma
Amit Dhoot
Yousuf Ahmed
8Pankaj PatidarCost Optimization Of Solar BicycleMr.Ashish Singhal,Mr.Prasant kumar
Ankit Kumar
Neeraj Panthi
MD. Khalid
Jitendra Parmar
Rahul Kumar
9Sanjeev Kumar SinghWater Level IndicatorMr.Pankaj Sharma,Mr.Subinoy Roy
Dubraj Patel
Ankit Sharma
Industrial Visit
M.Tech Thesis
Sl. NoName of The ResearcherM.TechProjects TitleGUIDES
1Pankaj Kumar SharmaEconomic load dispatch optimization by using TLBO Technique.Prof. Ashish Singhal
Prof. Subinoy Roy
2 Ashutosh yadavHarmonic reduction in three phase system using STATCOMProf. Ashish Singhal
3Durgesh Sarankar Designing of higher order DC-DC ConvertorProf. Ashish Singhal
4Md.Amir AnsariDesigning of soft switching converter to reduce switching lossesProf. Ashish Singhal
5Tushar SaurabhComprehensively analysis of CHB and NPC topologiesProf. Ashish Singhal
Prof. Prashant Kumar
6Ankush KhapreImplementation of asymmetrical sources based 31-level cascaded-MLIProf. Ashish Singhal

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