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Date: 15.08.2017
Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is totally banned in this Institution and anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately with punishment which may include expulsion or suspension from the Institute &/or FIR may be filled in police Station with a public apology. The Hon. Supreme Court, as well as RGPV University, have reiterated the need to curb this evil practice from time to time. In this connection, SISTec-R will strictly enforce all the relevant norms, provisions, and recommendations enshrined in the various Anti Ragging Acts. All the students and their parents are required to enter into a joint undertaking with the College not to get involved in any acts of ragging. Those found guilty of ragging are liable to be fined by the College and/or imprisoned by the law enforcement agencies. An Anti Ragging Committee, consisting of the following Members, has hereby been constituted to implement the norms and regulations of the various agencies vis-a-vis ragging for the session 2017-18.

Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh, Principal (9926003650)





Contact Nos.

1 Mr. Rahul Mishra General Manager Coordinator 8959909908
2. Prof. C.K. Pardhi HOD ME Member 9981530398
3. Prof. Harvinder Singh Saluja HOD EC Member 9826849444
4. Prof. Swajit Singh Goud HOD CE Member 9052515905
5. Prof. Sarika Jain Asst.Prof Member 9425018668

The students or parents can inform the members of the Anti Ragging Committee in the case of ragging by any miscreant. The above Committee Members will also be responsible for all matters relating to discipline and will be the Members of the disciplinary Committee as well. In the case of any ragging found in the Campus, the Chairman will convene a Meeting of the Disciplinary Committee, discuss the issue, conduct an enquiry if needed and submit his report with the recommendation of the Committee to the higher authorities for further action.

In accordance with the AICTE requirements, Anti-Ragging Squad is constituted as follows:

S.No. Name Designation Position Contact No.
1. Dr. Ashwini Sahu Asst. Prof Member 9644633442
2. Prof. Gopalji Rai Asst. Prof Member 9753424135
3. Prof. Mayank Nema Asst. Prof Member 9827553052
4. Mr. Amit Ganguli Asst. Prof Member 9893719858
5. Prof. Rajiv Pandey Asst. Prof Member 9753459897
6. Mr. Arun Verma Sports Off. & Hostel Warden Member 8285082838
7. Mr. Jai Verma Asst. Manager, Admin Member 8889810641