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EE Department of SISTec Ratibad Campus successfully organised One Day Industrial visit in STPS Sarni on 15 Feb 2019.

Purpose of this industrial visit was to give a platform where students can realise similarities between class learning and industrial applications.

The Satpura Thermal Power Station has installed capacity of 1330 MW. The first unit was installed in 1967.The Water has been procured from near TAWA Dam Lake area, which spread in 2,893 acres. The coal for the plant has been procured by Rail/Road/Belt from western coal fields.

During visit Students understood "what is thermal power plant, Different elements of power station, Coal Preparation, Fans, Boiler, Superheater,Turbine, Generator, Condenser, Cooling Tower, Boiler Feed Pump, Ash Handling plant
and live detailed understanding of operation." 
After the industrial visit, students upgraded their knowledge at a very great level. It was a good learning experience. In each and every department/section, students got some or the other new ideas and new thinking which was necessary for development.
We had been departed early morning 6 am from Bhopal and all students reached their home before 10 Pm.
As students shared their experiences about this educational trip that "it was wonderful experience to see real engineering and understand why engineers are backbone of our society."

  • Date: 15-02-2019