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Activity:- manufactures of rice


1) Cleaning ;- removing of foreign material from paddy such as stone, pebbles, dirt etc.

2)parboilingofpaddy:- Paddy mixes with steam and fed into soaking tank.

After soaking tank again second streaming done on paddy

After that paddy pass into dryer and store into silo storage

3) Distoner:- separating paddy from stones before milling or dehusking.

4) Husker:- separate husk from the paddy grain.

5) Paddy separator:- separate paddy from brown rice.

6) Grader :- The grader is used for to obtain high quality rice which is less broken .

And at last weighting , packing, transporting is done.

An industrial visit was organised for ME 3rd and 5th semester students to SMPL and SNPL

50, students visited one of the world class state of the art manufacturing units.
Visit was very informative and students had a high learning experience of how cotton get converted into best quality yarn which is used in weaving and knitting.

The machines cosisted of a continuous loop of belt drives and conveyors.
It was really intresting to watch such a huge production of yarn using automatic spinning.

  • Date: 5/12/2015