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Under the MoU with P.D.T.C Power Distribution Training Centre students got benefited with 7 days certified trainings. Contents are as

  1. Introduction to Power Sector by Er. Ravi Verma(C E Retd.)

Topic Discussed:National power policy, present power scenario, generation, renewable and nonrenewable, national transmission grid, transmission voltage and grid code.


  1. An Overview of Regulatory Environment by Er.A.R Verma(Addl CGM)

Topic Discussed: An overview of I.E Act 2003, regulatory environment, tariff fixation.


3. Introduction to M.P.M.K.V.V.C.L/P.M.C/Genco,Transco by Er. Baljit Singh Khanooja.

Topic Discussed: Administrative Structure &  functioning of M.P.M.K.V.V.C.L, Infrastructure of supply management, revenue management, customer care & working of call center.


4.  M.P.M.K.V.V.C.L infrastructure for supply management by Er.Ravi Verma ( CE Retd.)

Topic Discussed: Distribution system components, importance & their functioning, DTR & PTR common rating,33KV,11 KV lines DTR and LT lines, distribution voltage, power supply to consumers, rating of PTR & DTR commonly used, energy auditing ,LPRmeters,MDAS system.

  • Date: 25-05-2018