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"Literature is a civilization in itself"

For the complete development of a person’s personality, the power of both knowledge and its articulation play a complementary role. Each is incomplete without the other. The SISTec-R Literary Club, an essential area, is intended to motivate the students in preparing them for real tasks outside the class room, making them more proficient in communication skills, oratorical skills and providing students the opportunity to exhibit their talents. The club trains its students in various areas like extempore, speeches, debates, poetry recitation, declamation and anchoring various programmes in the college.

"IT’S CONTROVERSIAL"-A Panel Discussion

“Discussion is always better than Argument because Argument is to find out WHO is Right? And Discussion is to find out WHAT is Right?”
Literary Club-SISTec Ratibad introduced a unique forum “It’s Controversial – a panel discussion cum debate event” held on 22nd Feb. 2018 @ SISTec – Ratibad campus,where students got a chance to speak up their views in front of their mentors. The event had a Panel Discussion cum Debate between Students and Faculty members. Top 10 Students were selected after screening rounds and the Guest faculty panel included Dr.Zeba Parveen, Mr. RupalJyotishi, Mr. KshitijYugbodh, Mr. Sushil Shukla and Ms. Pallavi Dixit.

Topics of Discussion were –
  1. “Real life college vs Reel life college – Expectations vs Reality”
  2. “Does an Assignment Really assign any skill in a student? – Importance of Assignment”.

Mr. Badal Bose was the moderator of the event. And the Judgment of the event was based on live voting from the audience as well as the scores given by judges. Anubhav Singh – CSE 6thSem, Won the First Prize and received a tough competition from Prakash Mani Tiwari – ME 8th Sem, who settled on Second Prize.

"Q4U" - English Quiz

English literary club, SISTec-Ratibad organised an event "Q4U" (English Quiz) under 3-day Techno-cultural fest, "Sagar Euphoria & Shine." The names of winners are:

  • Sujeet Kumar (CS- 4th Sem)
  • Vivek Kumar (CS- 4th Sem)
  • Om Prakash (ME- 8th Sem)
  • Arun Maran (CS- 6th Sem)
  • Rahul Patel (CS- 6th Sem)
  • Avneesh Dwivedi (CS- 4th Sem)


"A picture is worth a thousand words"
An image contains a story, a narrative, a life of its own, and what we see is influenced by our individual perceptions and perspectives at a given point in time. The photograph spurs thoughts and stimulates ideas. The photograph motivates and inspires writing and through it we can enhance visualization abilities of the students With great zeal and enthusiasm the students participated in the event with high numbers from all Semesters, the venue of the event was at Celebration Sister-R Most of the stories successfully and creatively justified various combinations of setting objects and themes. Few combinations were so unique and unparalleled but nonetheless all stories pleasantly surprised us by one or other creative superiority of our students.

The winners of picture based “Story Writing Competition 2015” are
  • Anam Sultan CS 5th Sem
  • Shivali Pachauri Cs 1 st Sem
  • Kulshresht Lodhi CS 5th Sem

TALK OVER - A Debate Competition

Talk Over - a debate competition organized by literary club at SISTec- R on 23rd July 2014 .Around 40 students participated out of which 4 students won the best performer title.

The best performers who achieved cash prizes along with the certificates are:
  • Harshit Tripathi of ME 7th semester spoke for the motion on "Are women better managers?"
  • Shivam Chourasia of CE 7th semester spoke against the motion on "Are women better managers?”
  • Akbar Khan of ME 7th Semester threw light on the bone side of the topic "Smart phones for teenager"
  • Abhishek saxena of CE 3rd Semester highlighted the bane side of the topic "Smart phones for teenager"