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Department of Mechanical Engineering SISTec-R has organized an expert lecture on "Steam Turbine – Principles and Recent Development" by Mr. Lokesh Sankala, Design Engineer, Turbine Section BHEL Bhopal

Principal Dr, Jyoti Deshmukh welcome the Expert Mr. Lokesh Sankala.

Mr. Lokesh Sankala explains the working principle of steam turbine. He looks at how steam turbine manufacturers are focusing on improving the design and performance of their machines. Mr. Lokesh provided in depth knowledge on steam turbine construction and it’s working. He also guided students about recent development and techniques used by the various power plants.

He emphasizes the role of detailed knowledge of a steam turbine in improving plant performance. The session was one of the remarkable session and Students get benefitted with the practical knowledge share by him.

Students expressed appreciable interest and many of them were appreciably interactive during the commencement of lecture. The lecture concluded with motivational speech and guidance how to crack GATE exam through self preparation.

  • Date: 2/11/2017