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A well known specialist on drone technologies Mr. YASHRAJ SUNHARE was today's expert session. HE is founder and CEO of Jarvis lab pvt ltd.The expert received warm and heartfelt welcome by the Principal of the Institute Dr. Manish Billore and the Department Head Prof. Ashish Singhal,Dr. Manish Billore , in his welcome speech emphasized the need of learning interdisciplinary technologies finding broader commercial applications and paving ways for jobs creation. HOD(EE) Prof. Ashish singhal said that drone-technology is age-old technology and it has now found more popularity.

The expert Mr.Yashraj Sunhare explained all about drone-technology , market share in present and in coming future which was a big motivation for all those who were attending. He discussed all science,technology, material requirement, design aspect and applications of drones. At the conclusion of the event he successfully demonstrated "piloting-a-drone". Nearly 120 students of EE, EC, ME and CSE attended this expert session and got benefited.

  • Date: 11-06-2021