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Welding is a very vast Engineering subject which covers the creation of a simple fabrication structure like gate, from underwater welding to spacecraft components and the practice of welding is basic to building infrastructure in the country. It has different levels of complexities depending on whether it is used in power plants, railway coaches, aircrafts or spacecraft. This offers an opportunity for the engineers, and the welders, not only to learn about the welding skills, but also learn about the process of welding, and how it can be managed and improved in new fabrication practices for complex materials.

Mechanical Department of SISTec -R is committed to imparting quality education and training in Engineering field and aims at being a global institution through continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality management system as its quality policy. This quality policy has driven many successful initiatives like establishment of "Centre of Excellence" in welding engineering which work on three important areas where welding engineering needed improvement for its applications in the capital goods sector in the country - welding Automation, Welding Power sources and Welding Consumables.

The centre would also focus on skill development in welding and allied areas at different levels like welder, supervisor, engineer, inspector and academic to fill the gap between industry requirement and the availability in the field.

To provide students a well equipped lab to keep themselves up-to-date and alive in order to seek new frontiers of best welding skills, this will make our students thirsty for more knowledge beyond the realms of our classroom teaching.
Facilities Available:
  1. Electrode Drying Oven.
  2. MIG/MAG welding Outfit.
  3. Gas Welding Torch.
  4. MMA Welding Power Source.
  5. DC Pulse TIG Outfit
  6. Welding Simulator.
  7. Live Demonstration Centre.
  8. Ergonomically designed weld bays/workstations with exhaust system.