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Automation is the future of engineering and it all begins here at the Centre of Excellence in Mechatronics. Mechanical Department of SISTec, Ratibad is committed to "imparting quality education and training in "Engineering field" and aims at being a global institution through continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality management system" as its quality policy. Mechatronics is not simply a combination of mechanical and electronics but it is much beyond this combination and it inculcates the broader spectrum of engineering knowledge to meet the demands of future requirements. It is an interdisciplinary field of science and technology dealing with general problems of mechanical, electronics, computer science and informatics. The aim of Mechatronics is to improve functionality of technical systems and the creation of new concepts of machinery and equipments with built in artificial intelligence. To prepare industry ready engineers of future, the centre has a right blend of faculty members having expertise in Mechanical, Electronics and Mechatronics engineering.

  1. a) To impart high quality inter disciplinary knowledge of Mechatronics Engineering through excellence in teaching, research and entrepreneurship.
  2. b) Develop Mechanical and Electronic design and test skills of the graduates to fulfil the industrial requirements.
  3. c) Create awareness among students for global needs of society and innovate machinery according to engineering needs.
  4. d) Enhance the Communication, learning and administrative skills of the graduates to become socially responsible engineers and entrepreneurs.

To develop competent Engineers and Entrepreneurs with the social and environmental awareness

The scope of Mechatronics Engineering ranges from power systems to transportation to optical telecommunications to biomedical engineering. Industrial robot is the most appropriate example of mechatronics system as it has electronics, mechanics, and computing to perform its daily routine. After completing the program, the graduates can work on different aspects like sensing and control systems, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and expert systems, transportation and vehicular systems and computer integrated manufacturing systems. The Mechatronics lab is well equipped with the component used for manufacturing the robots. The Key Components used in robots are:

Power conversion unit

The power conversion unit takes the commands issued by the controller which may be low power and even digital signals and converts them into high power analog signals that can be used to drive the actuators.


Sensors measure robot configuration/condition and its environment and send such information to robot controller as electronic signals (e.g., arm position, presence of toxic gas).


Motor (Actuators) are used to provide the motion to the machine directly. Different types of motors are:

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A controller is a device which takes one or more inputs and adjusts its outputs so a connected device functions in a controlled manner. There exist a wide range of controllers from simple motor controllers to advanced microcontrollers that can be tasked with multiple control outputs and perform closed-loop control. Different actuators require differing control methods to achieve stable output, choosing an appropriate controller is therefore important to the final operation of your project.

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Electrical Components
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Manipulator linkage/Connectors

Cables, Wires & Connectors are the parts you need to be able to connect your electric components to each other.

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Area of Specialization:

a) Robotics b) Digital control systems c) Instrumentation d) Control Engineering e) Industrial Automation f) Automotive Electronics g) Embedded Systems