Admissions - 2024

Code of Conduct

For an Institution to function ethically and harmoniously, it requires a set of guidelines. Precisely, these guidelines are written in the form of a code of conduct, which suggests the expectations an institution has from its members. Students, as an essential part of the institution, must stay true to these religiously.

  • The first thing any place asks for is identification. The institution issues an identity card. Keep it with you at all times on campus and show it to the authorities when asked for verification.
  • College is a crucial time for your career and also for incubating good habits. You should refrain yourself from becoming a wanderer especially during college hours.
  • When the country is working unanimously for the mission of Swatchha Bharat, why shouldn’t we be a part of the mission? Maintain the cleanliness of you and your institution.
  • Though mobile phones are an indispensable part these days, limit their use outside of college. The use of mobile phones in the classroom and lab is prohibited and will result in confiscation if caught.
  • We keep no barriers in communication, so feel free to reach out to the student advisor also known as TGs (Tutor Guardian) for any need or grievance handling. Any application to the Principal goes through your assigned TG.
  • Students who engage in violent behavior are subject to a zero-tolerance policy. Physical or verbal abuse, whether directed at oneself or others, will result in severe consequences. The possession of any weapon also comes under violation of the law of the land and is strictly prohibited.
  • Trespassing to any unauthorized area is prohibited.
  • After becoming a part of the institution, it is your responsibility to safeguard the property of the institution and never indulge in any act that could lead to damage or disfigurement of the college property. A penalty will be imposed in the event of any such activity. Continued offenses will result in suspension from the institution.
  • Consumption, possession, or distribution of drugs, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products is a punishable offense. Anyone caught engaging in any of the aforementioned acts will face disciplinary action.
  • Be respectful towards your teachers and behave politely with classmates as well. Any misbehavior is not going to be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Inappropriate behavior or immorality asks for severe reprimanding. It should be avoided altogether.
  • SISTec-E encourages cordial relationships between senior students and junior students. Seniors are expected to help their juniors, and juniors to respect their seniors. Ragging is strictly forbidden because it disrupts this harmony.
  • The act of ragging is a punishable offense under Govt. Law. Under this Law the student is liable to be dismissed from the college without any notice and the case may be reported to the police, if necessary.
  • Notify your TG about your absence. Repeated absences from the institute without prior information make the student accountable for suspension and eventually dismissal.
  • A written application signed by the parent/guardian and accompanied by a doctor's prescription is required for medical leave. In case of any illness during college hours, inform your TG at the earliest.
  • As per the RGPV rule, it is mandatory to maintain 75% attendance in class as well as in all subjects respectively. However, for a better academic performance, you should try to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance.
  • Punctuality is one of the crucial elements for success. Students should maintain regularity and punctuality in their lectures, laboratories, and the examination hall.
  • SISTec-E values diversity, so there is no set dress code. However, you should dress appropriately in formal attire, with neatly combed hair and very few accessories.
  • All assignments must be completed on time, and you must attend class tests and mid-semester exams on a regular basis. Failure to do so will adversely affect the sessional marks.
  • Medium of instruction in the institute is English. Students should attempt to speak only in English in the institute premises.
  • Guests/Parcels are not allowed in the campus during academic hours. In case of urgency, special permission should be entailed from the Principal during the college hours and from the warden after the dispersal.
  • The Institute is not liable for any money, books, records, cell phones, jewelry, or other items belonging to students. It is entirely the responsibility of students to take care of their belongings.
  • Academic performance of the students is a combined effort of students, teachers and parents. Parents' keen interest in their child’s performance in the institution is highly encouraged. Parents-teacher meetings are held frequently to allow for uninterrupted exchange of information, ideas or suggestions.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to notify the institute in writing of any changes in their address or phone numbers.
  • All the guidelines mentioned above are a compulsory part of students’ life at SISTec-E. Failure to follow the Institute's rules and regulations, or engaging in any form of misbehavior, will result in disciplinary action. The Disciplinary Committee's disciplinary action recommendations are final and binding on the offending student.