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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Excel in Ever Evolving Tech World with our Newly Introduced Futuristic Courses.

B.Tech CSE(IoT) is a 4 year undergraduate course in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in IoT, designed to make the professionals technically sound in designing solution to the societal and industry problems using smart devices which are capable of communicating with each other.

Study B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering in Internet of Things CSE(IoT) course?

Internet of Things is now becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation, there are lots of devices available in the market now with IoT Technology so IoT is no more a conceptual technology but it has got much grown up now. Many individuals and industries are taking the advantage of this technology for day-to day work and to reduce the loss and to take the profitable business decisions. There are lots of opportunities in IoT in terms of getting a jobs and it is increasing exactly. To develop new technologies the deep understanding of IoT is necessary to pursue B.Tech. in CSE(IoT).

Reasons to pursue B.Tech. CSE(IoT):

  • Excellent Scope For Technical Architect, Solution Architect, IT Professionals.
  • IoT For Career Oriented Creators.
  • It Is Affordable to learn.
  • Excellent Opportunity For Developers.
  • Good Understanding On Business Strategies.
  • It Automates Your Style Of Living.
  • The Mobile Era.
  • Practical Implementation Of Core Technologies.
  • One Stop Solution For Smart And Complex Applications.
  • An Excellent Way To Grow And Develop.

Careers Prospects:

  • IoT/Cloud Software Developer
  • IoT Infrastructure Architect
  • IoT System Administrator
  • Vulnerability/Cyber Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Embedded Program Engineer
  • Test Engineer

Probable Recruiters: Trained professionals are needed by technologically driven companies across the platforms.

  • Cisco
  • Amazon
  • Wipro
  • L&T
  • SAP
  • Qualcomm
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • GE


JEE Exam & Online Counseling- The candidate from MP must have passed 10+2 Exam from Madhya Pradesh Board or any other Board with Physics, Chemistry as the main subjects and Mathematics/ Biology/ Biotechnology as one of the optional subjects, with minimum 45% marks for General category candidates and 40% in case of SC/ST candidate.

The candidate from other states must have passed 10+2 Exam from any recognized board with Physics, Chemistry as the main subjects and Mathematics/ Biology/ Biotechnology as one of the optional subjects, with 45% marks for General category candidates as well as SC/ST candidate. The candidate who has not given JEE exam but fulfils above criteria may also go for online counselling in the 2nd phase of counselling. Direct Admissions based on 12th results (College level Counseling)- The Candidate must have passed 10+2 Exam from Madhya Pradesh Board or any other Board with Physics, Chemistry as the main subjects and Mathematics/ Biology/ Biotechnology as one of the optional subjects, with minimum 50% marks for General category candidates and 45% in case of SC/ST candidate.

Faculties of Internet of Things

Mr. Arvind Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor & Program Lead

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1). What is the intake for B.Tech CSE-IoT?

The Intake for B.Tech CSE-IoT is 60 students.

2). What are the eligibility criteria for B.Tech CSE-IoT?

Passed Standard XII (10+2) or equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Biology/ Technical Vocational subject/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Informatics Practices/ Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics/ Business Studies from any recognized Board with a minimum of 45% marks or equivalent grade (40% marks or equivalent grade for Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes).

3). What are employment opportunities after completion of B.Tech CSE-IoT?

There are huge opportunities for different positions after successful completion of undergraduate programmes. Some of these opportunities are listed here

  • IoT Solutions Architect
  • IoT Software Team Leader
  • Embedded Software Development Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

4). Any Industry Collaborations for B.Tech CSE-IoT?

Yes. We are in collaboration with NASSCOM under its Future Skills Program for conduction of few courses. Collaboration with other companies is also in progress.

5). What are the possibilities of a placement in a good MNC company?

Microsoft,Wipro,IBM,Amazon,Flipkart,Dell,TCS,MindTree,Accenture,Synopsis,L&T,HP,HCL,Google,Motorola,Igate,PTC,Cognizant Tata Group of Companies are some of the prime recruiters of IoT talent. SISTec is associated with eminent companies such as Wipro, Amazon, Accenture, SAP Labs, TCS, Prudent, Artech Solonics, Cognizant , and many more. So students have very good opportunities to get placed in such companies for their bright future endeavors.

6). What is the salary of IoT Developer/Engineer in India?

While freshers in the IoT field earn yearly salary packages ranging between Rs. 3.5 – 6 LPA, mid-level professionals can make as much as Rs. 10-25 LPA. The considerable salary difference between IoT and IT professionals is because IoT is a relatively new field, which means that there are not enough talented and skilled professionals in the IoT domain. As a result, IoT professionals demand much higher salaries in return for their skills and experience.

7). Why is IoT the talking point in the world today?

It's not because the IoT is a new concept, but rather because the IoT intersects with several other key trends in the tech world, from open source and big data to cybersecurity and software-defined networking. Other factors which make IoT so popular are the versatility of its application (e.g. smart buildings and cities, health services, retail, sports) as well as the benefits gained due to the implementation of IoT solutions, e.g. supply chain visibility, improved delivery process, loss prevention, cost efficiencies. IoT based technologies have a lot of different applications. The technologies are used in process automation, home automation, smart cars, decision analytics, and smart grids.

8). What role IoT will play in empowering industries?

IoT is a next level technology and is unique in the way its application has completely transformed manufacturing. Companies today that are looking for a competitive advantage need look no further than the capabilities that IoT affords you – the benefits impact everything from maintenance to supplier logistics to employee workflows to product delivery. Prominent Industries that apply Internet of Things are Vehicles Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Smart Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, Retail, Smart Homes.

9). How B.Tech in CS and CSE-IoT are linked or different from each other?

Computer Science and Engineering is the study of general computer engineering topics like programming languages, security, networks etc based on general views. While computer Science with Internet of Things (IoT) is a specialization of the same, where main focus of the course will be on IoT. IoT connects our devices like washing machine, refrigerator etc.., with the cloud so that they can communicate with each other and makes our tasks simple. In this course, the main focus will be on What is IoT, its different applications and implementation and such.

10). How would you explain machine learning to a software engineer?

Software engineering is about developing programs or tools to automate tasks. Machine learning is all about automating automation! Machine learning is about finding the optimal instructions to automate a task. Machine learning algorithms are instructions for computers to learn other instructions automatically from data or experience. Therefore, machine learning is the automation of automation.

11). Why is IoT a hot topic today?

With the number of connected devices set to 12 billion and that’s not including computers and phones in 2020, Internet of Things will clearly continue to be a hot topic. Companies need to figure out a way to store, track, analyze and make sense of the vast amounts of data that will be generated .The IoT refers to the connection of devices (other than typical fare such as computers and smart phones) to the Internet without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

12). I have heard about IoT. What is it exactly?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an interdisciplinary program which has its application enormously increased in the past few years and it has a vast scope of usage. IoT generally refers to a growing network of internet-connected devices that find various applications in engineering and sciences. When objects are interconnected across the world it allows people or things using those objects to be connected anytime. Connected things shall ease human life. As an example from urban transport to medical devices, home electronics and appliances to cars, heart monitoring implants and many more. These days, if we have a look around our surrounding, then we can see that most of the devices are IoT based. So, we listed out all the popular iot devices, which are addicted to nowadays.

  • 1). First, of all Smart Home Automation, we check carefully, most of the houses are opting for Home Automation. As a security concern, and those who want an automatic and smart built home.
  • 2). Voice Assistants, there is no home which doesn’t have Amazon- Alexa or Google Echo in their home. People have started feeling these voice assistants as a part of life.
  • 3). Smart Bands or Fitness Bands.
  • 4). GPS Trackers
  • 5). Smart Smoke Alarms
  • 6). Smart Locks
  • 7). Doorbell Cameras
  • 8). Amazon Dash button
  • 9). IoT based Security Systems
  • 10). Home mesh Wifi Systems These Devices are the mostly used IoT based product. However, there are a lot more devices out there, which people are using. It can be easily being told how IoT has become an essential part of everyone’s life.

13). What are the key highlights of B.Tech CSE-IoT course at SISTec?

  • 1). Training by Industry
  • 2). Consultancy projects
  • 3). Latest Curriculum
  • 4). Internship

14). Whether the student will have an internship during this course?


15). Colleges Offering B.Tech. in IoT?

  • 1). IIT Hyderabad
  • 2). VIT University
  • 3). Chandigadh University
  • 4). Avantika University
  • 5). Sandip University
  • 6). GLA University
  • 7). DY Patil International University