Admissions - 2024

SISTec Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy 2022

S.No Name Designation Key Role/ Position assigned in NISP
1 Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh Head of Institution Chairperson
2 Mr. C. K. Pardhi Associate Prof. ME Dept IIC President
3 Dr. Abhishek Choubey Associate Prof. ME Dept. IIC Vice-President
4 Dr. Swajit Singh Goud Associate Prof. & HOD CE Dept. Innovation Activity and NISP Coordinator
5 Mr. Ajit Shrivastava Associate Prof. & HOD CSE IIC Convenor
6 Mr. Harvinder Saluja Associate Prof. & HOD - EC Startup Activity Coordinator - IIC
7 Dr. Manish Billore Startup Mentor for MSME External Member
8 Mr. Sudesh Morey Industry Expert Member
9 Mr. Dileep Pandit Alumni & Industry Expert Member
10 Dr. N.C. Choubey IPR/Patent Expert Member
11 Mr. Amit Raje MD, Aartech Solonics Member
12 Mr. Yogesh Khakre COO, B-Nest Incubation Center Member

Policy Drafting and Implementation Team

  • Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh
  • Dr. Swajit Singh Goud
  • Mr. C. K. Pardhi
  • Mr. Ajit Shrivatava


To become a Resourceful and Innovative hub by supporting and assisting the New-age Innovators and Entrepreneurial talents across the Institute.


  • Establishing a Startup hub and Preincubation center at SISTec-E.
  • Creating a sustainable ecosystem of Innovation, Research and development in the Institute.
  • Enhancing the links between Incubation Centers and Research Institutions, Universities and government agencies for support and guidance.


  • Encouraging students and employees to work on innovative ideas.
  • Motivating students for self-employment leads to entrepreneurship.
  • Attracting the angel investors into the incubation and startup ecosystem within the Institute.
  • Networking of stakeholders and maximizing industry-academia engagements.
  • Establishing technology-based Incubators/Accelerators in engineering domains across the Institute.