Admissions - 2024

Inner Event

Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Computer Science & Engineering

Expert Lecture

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering recently hosted an expert lecture on "Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning". The lecture was delivered by Mr. Amit Gupta, a distinguished professional from Microsoft, who provided a comprehensive overview of AIML and its applications.

During the lecture, Mr. Gupta covered a range of topics, including data science and ETL logic, as well as various business applications such as Paytm. He also discussed the extraction of data, using the example of filling out the information in public places like malls. Additionally, Mr. Gupta highlighted the use cases of AIML in agriculture, supply chain optimization, land record digitization, BPO operations, and cyber security.

Furthermore, the lecture delved into the intricacies of UPI and Internet banking, including account numbers and IFSC codes. Mr. Gupta also touched upon chat GPT, blockchain, low code no code, and cloud computing, citing examples such as Amazon Web Services and INDC (Gov.).

Overall, the lecture was a valuable opportunity for the students to gain a deeper understanding of AIML and its practical applications. The department is committed to providing its students with access to such informative and engaging events.